Nia Hope Tucker - Movement, Health & Beauty Artist
The intent of Dance Your Colours is to encourage you to follow your heart and express the colours of your authetic self through creative, inspired, healthful living.

Nia is passionate about helping others to feel comfortable in thier skin and to connect deeply to themselves and their bodies. Through her mandala of services she offers guidance and treatments in embodiment, self care, empowering health choices and a healthly connection to enhancing and expressing beauty.

Aswell as a life time of dance and other movement techniques, for the past 18 years Nia has been practicing and studying many forms of yoga.  She is inspired to bring fluidity and awareness of energy into her movement teachings to help us to move with authenticity, sensitivity and gentle power.

Qualified as a Beauty and Massage Therapist, Nia also has a Diploma in Aromatherapy and is a certified Yoga Teacher. She has 13 years expereince as a Specialist in Permanent Cosmetics, focused on creating natural enhancements that bring confidence to her clients faces.

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" Nia offers the space for us to drop in deeper inside & to                                                  reconnect to our own unique rhythm in subtle energetic ways.                                      I left Nia’s class feeling deeply nourished & wide open "
Lea Carolyne Beaudoin