for freedom & liberation

'There is always new information & growth we can find from allowing our true nature to move us. Through dance we can spread our wings of freedom, allowing our authentic movement to be an agent of change for ourselves & as a connected part of the collective consciousness.'

From the earliest moments of known human history, dance accompanied ancient rituals, spiritual gatherings & social events. As an access to trance, spiritual force, pleasure, expression, performance & interaction, dance became infused into our existence. From the traditions of the first tribes of the earth to the spreading of music & dance that continues across the globe.

I believe that everyone is a dancer & that life is a dance. Honouring our bodies as sacred vehicles for our souls, dance & free form movement gives us opportunity for expressing things that we have inside of us that we may not be able to express in any other ways, & that is a wonderful healing. Through dance we embody the great spirit inside of us.

Movement - Medicine for the Soul

Through the exploration of free form movement, breath & awareness we can tap into the medicine of our movement. Our dance has the power to move, cleanse & release energy that has become stagnant in the body & mind which may be manifesting as physical, emotional or mental dis-ease & imbalance. As we come into presence & let go of the controlling aspects of the mind, we approach our dance with child like curiosity & our bodies are more able to flow in their authentic expression. We embody our truth. Various aspects of ourselves will show up to be experienced. From feelings of beauty, bliss & embodiment to more challenging emotions or mind patterns. With acceptance for whatever shows up in each moment we have the opportunity to recognise that all is perfect. All emotions, all aspects of the ego & all sensations, we allow them to flow through us. Often some of the challenging aspects will show up because the freedom in the movement ~ the wisdom of the body, has nudged them out of their corners & they are ready to be released or looked at on some level. As long as something is hidden, it cannot be transformed, & movement is transformation ~ change. As the energy moves & we allow ourselves to give expression to our experiences we can shift out of long term patterns which aren't serving us & discover much creativity & power. We connect to our creative power ~ our life force, with our body, fusing & uniting them & bringing our essence ~ our spirits back home. As our inhibitions drop away & more space is created in the body & being we are opened up to a more receptive state & start to synchronise with the harmonious patterns & vibrations of sound & nature. We find ourselves embodying these rhythms & patterns which can invoke states of trance & ecstatic moments & can lead to widened presence, wisdom & deep healing.

'May we reveal our truths & may these unveilings bring deep healing to ourselves & others. May we change & transform our reality to one that works for us. May we become clear vessels to send loving energy where it is needed. May we pray with our infinite source of creativity. May we be the music of our souls.

Journeys of Discovery

Dance Your Colours movement & meditation journeys are soulfully guided by carefully selected music, imaginative meditations & poetic speech. With no-judgement, no right & no wrong, no good, & no bad, you are invited to move authentically with your breathe & bliss, delve into your shadows & shine your light. All is welcome. We will ground into, & feel our connection to the earth & our bodies & with the curiosity of children we will flow with our natural expressions & move to our own rhythms. I love to encourage us to move from the Dantien ~ which is at the lower belly & is a major reservoir for our energy. Here we find that the rest of the body moves effortlessly & the movement is an extension of our grounding & power. Softening into self love & nurture we will enjoy our own sensuality ~ the sensations of the body, & discover strength in our vulnerability. We will ignite our creative fires, inspire each other, break through to new found freedoms & reveal our truths to be liberated by them. Exploring the nature elements & our more instinctual, animalistic selves we are empowered by a sense of play.

Often drawing on the current energies of the moon cycles, planetary alignments & geographic locations, I love to create a sacred container for our dance ~ A magical portal that feels safe & held. Supported by the healing & balancing effects of sound, colour, aromatherapy, flower essences, crystals & chakra awareness I enjoy infusing these into the dance, creating a holistic & sensory experience. This includes alchemy that I have personally created to invoke the powers & qualities of the nature elements that we are.

The dance journeys I have attended with Nia have been the perfect way to drop into my body. I have shown up to her classes in many different states from feeling upbeat, vulnerable, tired, introverted… & no matter how I show up, I feel nurtured & held as I am. I felt so connected to my body after her classes, & am able to completely let go of any fears & inhibitions & just dance!
Creator - The Wildly Sensual Life