Optimum Hydration - Optimum Health
with Kangen Water ® by Enagic

Recommended by Nutritionists, Top Health Professionals and World Class Athletes.

Find out why  Bill Gates,  Oprah Winfrey,  Beyonce,  Jennifer Anniston, 
Mariah Carey,  Tiger Woods  &  Janet Jackson choose Kangen Water...

Enhanced Hydration
Water devices by Enagic transform ordinary  tap water into Kangen Water® that is


Less molecules per cluster, just as nature intended. With a 'smooth' texture, the water is  
easily absorbed.. helping you to drink MORE water!

Enhanced Absorbtion. Deeper Hydration. Less Bloating.

Kangen Water® is Alkaline.

This helps to restore your body to a more alkaline state which optimises health.

Each device has multiple settings to create different types of water.

Select different types and pH's of water for: 

Health, Cooking, Food Prep, Beauty, Plant Care and Cleaning

Super Anti-Oxidant
This makes Kangen Water® really special.

Just like the world famous springs of Lourdes - France and Talcone - Mexico

Kangen Water® is Rich in Molecular Hydrogen.

This super anti-oxidant selectively acts in the body to neutralise damaging free radicals. Detoxifying. Protecting.
Great Taste
Due to its superior filtration system and micro-clustering

Kangen Water® tastes delicious.

Clean, fine, smooth taste.

Adults, children and animals love it!

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Water for Beauty -  with Anespa and Beauty Water

Did you know?.. Your skin has a pH of around 5.5. Most tap water is around 7pH which strips the skin of its natural barrier.