Introducing Nia


Founder of Dance Your Colours

'Thank you for visiting Dance Your Colours. The treasures of yoga, free flowing dance and natural health are an intrinsic part of my life. I approach and share these gifts as Movement Medicine and Evolutionary Alchemy, opportunities to hear the wisdom of our inner voice through the intricate harmonics of the body's health, expression, movement, stillness and power. Dance Your Colours was born of the notion that we are always dancing our colours. Life is art, a continuous flow of change and growth and I am here to assist and support you on your journey'

I have always loved to move my body and was privileged as a child and teen to practice dance, gymnastics and marshall arts. At 18, whilst studying massage and holistic therapies at college, I stepped onto the path of yoga and found my first teacher. What a blessing! With the discovery of these tools for deeper experiences and transformation I knew that I would continue along the path of expansion and healing for myself & for others. Since then, I have explored and studied the teachings of many forms of yoga, free form movement, meditation, aromatherapy and holistic healing, as well as capoeira, belly dance and contact improvisation dance. I am a certified yoga teacher and trained at Pacha Mama in Costa Rica with Adya and Will. I am grateful to have found so many wonderful teachers along this path of yoga and movement who have been beautifully aligned with my spirit and development and I give deep thanks and acknowledgment to the ancient yogic lineages

With devotion to self practice and self enquiry, I offer my services, from my heart. I am passionate about unveiling the truth and aligning us with our balanced power and am committed to sharing that which comes through from my intuition and creative inspiration. I'm humbled and feel honoured to have the opportunities to co-create and guide soulful experiences for us. Our embodied spiritual practices can be our anchors as we relax into the grace of fluidity and let go of resistances. Like the waters that we are, we learn to trust life's ebbs & flow. We trust and know the nature of our hearts, the magic of our minds and the wisdom of our bodies. We move gracefully and gratefully with our experiences, recognising challenge as gift and experiencing ourselves as living, healing transformation.

I am fascinated by the power of the plant and mineral kingdoms ~ As food, herbal remedies, healing oils and as vibrational medicine. My personal empowerment journey has been strongly supported by these allies, which has lead me to create a line of Elixirs and Mists which utilise their properties in synergistic blends. I believe that our Mother Earth ~ Gaia, provides all that we need and that her body, plants and animals are truly wise teachers, healers and allies. I believe whole heartedly in the ways of permaculture, as a holistic approach to living sustainably and harmoniously. I was inspired to study these ways and I love to integrate them into life where I can. I wish for us to deeply and unconditionally love our bodies and for this to be a reflection of the love we feel and share with each other, Earth and all of her creatures.

I am living this work to help contribute to the unfoldment of our individual and collective strength, liberation, freedom, empowerment, creativity, balance, harmony, healing, nature connection and pure love for all.

I invite in with my heart, those who feel called to movement, meditation, ritual & healing. I bring warm, kind, and supportive energy to my offerings and I look forward to dancing this colourful life with you!