Nia Hope Tucker
Movement, Health & Beauty Artist
Root & Rise
Sacred Body Art
 Nia welcomes you to Dance Your Colours!

Nia is a qualified Yoga Teacher,
Holistic Beautician, Aromatherapist                and Tattoo Specialist.

She is passionate about helping others to feel comfortable in their skin by embracing their beauty through movement, self expression, daily rituals and inspired healthful living.  

The path of Yoga is a  healing path, a spiritual practice through the vehicle of the body - an embodied prayer and meditation. 

Here you will find classes for adults and children in Stroud and learn how you can also indulge in a nourishing one to one yoga session including massage and aromatherapy.

Adorn your body with beautiful sacred geometry, mandalas and symbolism.

Custom tattooing can support  healing and bring strength to your intentions and important life moments.

Celebrate the beauty of your body and soul through this ancient art form.
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