Air Flower Elixir


Air ~ Earth Light Elixir is a synergistic blend of 5 Flower Essences including ~
Cerato, Mountain Pennyroyal and Peppermint

It is supported by Colour, Sacred Geometry, Word Activation, and 5 carefully selected crystals.

The information from the plants and minerals in this remedy work together to create a unique imprint that help us to recognise and integrate our qualities and connection to Air.


~Spring Water and/or
Reduced Electrolysed Water
~Organic Brandy (preservative)
~5 Flower Essence Air Blend
~Crystal, Colour, Word and
Sacred Geometry Vibrations
~Lots of Love and Magic!

This remedy can be custom made for those with Alcohol intolerances. Please let me know.

Potential Effects ~

Freedom/Focus/Clarity – Mindfulness, wakeful clarity, mental alertness. Imparts alert clarity & mental vibrancy. Balances the metabolic/digestive forces & the thinking/creative force. Both cooling & warming. Brings healing & balancing energy, freeing the mind for higher thought.

Intuition – Trusting ones inner knowing, intuition, self-confidence & certainty. Helps to translate already considerable spiritual abilities into active decision making. This trust in one’s inner knowing facilitates innate spiritual wisdom & strength.

Clarity/Freedom – Strength & clarity of thought, mental integrity & positivity. Works as a purgative; it has the powerful ability to cleanse & expel negative thoughts. Clarifies the mental body & leads to greater vitality of the mental life, especially positive, clear thinking.

Clarity/Focus – Decisiveness, inner resolve, acting from certainty of inner knowing. Helps soul realise great wholeness through the ability to choose & define who one is. The soul learns to choose greater involvement in it’s experience of earthly life & moves towards clarity of purpose.

Inspiration – Holistic thinking; perceiving the physical world & physical life with spiritually clear thoughts. Stimulates & enlivens the thinking activity. It restores a sense of wonder & reverence for life, while also helping the soul to think in clear & specific ways about spiritual dimensions of the physical world.