Earth Flower Elixir


Earth Elixir is a synergistic blend of 5 Flower Essences including ~
Lady’s slipper, California Pitcher Plant and Nicotiana (flowering tobacco)

Supported by Colour, Sacred Geometry, Word Activation and Crystals, it has been made in prayer and with pure intent

The information from the plants and minerals in this remedy work together to create a unique imprint that help us to recognise and integrate our qualities and connection to Earth


~Restructured, Hydrogen Rich Water
~Organic Brandy (preservative)
~Earth 5 Flower Essence Blend

This remedy can be custom made for those with Alcohol intolerances. Please let me know!

Properties ~

Groud – Peace, deeply centred in the heart. Integration of physical & emotional well-being through harmonious connection with the earth. Real peace arising from ability to feel deeply with the heart.

Embody – Alignment with the earth, especially through the hands & feet, grounded presence. The body learns to radiate grounded spirituality, enabling the natural healing & teaching capacities to be realised. Helps balance and guide soul in expressing it’s vast spiritual nature through the physical world and body.

Nature – Earthy vitality, especially integration of the more instinctual and bodily aspects of oneself. Helps integrates animal like instinctual desires with sense of human individuality. Harmonises & balances astrally & instinctual desire so these energies can strengthen vitality & serve human spirituality.

Purpose – Integration of spiritual purpose with daily work, bringing spiritual power into the root chakra; spiritualized sexuality & grounded spirituality. Balances relationship between crown chakra and lower energy centres. A tonic for the nervous system. Psychic energy is pronounced in the feet enabling the ability to ‘walk one’s path’.

Sensuality – Experiencing and absorbing the fullness of life, especially it’s sensory aspects. Refined & clarified senses, allowing the sense life to become a vehicle for enlightenment. Assists the soul in transforming sensory overwhelm into the ability to perceive the sense world as a manifestation of spiritual archetypes.