Fire – Earth Light Elixir


Fire ~ Earth Light Elixir is a synergistic blend of 5 Flower Essences including ~
Cayenne, Sunflower and Indian Paintbrush

It is supported by Colour, Sacred Geometry, Word Activation, and 5 carefully selected crystals.

The information from the plants and minerals in this remedy work together to create a unique imprint that help us to recognise and integrate our qualities and connection to Fire.


~Spring Water and/or
Reduced Electrolysed Water
~Organic Brandy (preservative)
~5 Flower Essence Fire Blend
~Crystal, Colour, Word and
Sacred Geometry Vibrations
~Lots of Love and Magic!

This remedy can be custom made for those with Alcohol intolerances. Please let me know.

Potential Effects ~

Passion/Creativity – Inspired artistry, deep soulfulness which is in touch with higher realms, radiant iridescent vision and perspective. Restoring & revitalising. Brings passionate creativity into work. Impels the soul to create and cultivate beauty within itself & within the world. The soul becomes alive, vibrant & truly iridescent.

Creativity – Lively, energetic creativity, exuberant artistic activity. Grounding during creative work. Shows the soul how to use fiery forces to polarise spiritual energy. Then, the physical body reflects a healthy alignment between heaven & earth & creative potential is used in a manner which is richly resonant with the physical world.

Creativity/Expression – Lively, dynamic energy; healthy libido; verbal communication which is emotionally balanced. Strong physical presence. At it’s deepest level helps the soul to distinguish it’s use of creative force, especially those which radiate from the lower energy centres & those which are used for the spoken word.

Expression – Balanced sense of individuality, spiritualised ego forces, sun radiant personality. Brings to the soul the quality of light for warmth & loving compassion. Heals the relationship to the masculine/father. The soul learns to harness this great sun-force blessing humanity & the earth with it’s shining, expressive self.

Purification/Transformation – Fiery and energetic, inwardly mobile, capable of change & transformation Ignites & sparks the soul with it’s fiery essence. The individual becomes more awake & capable of initiating & sustaining spiritual & emotional development.