Spirit Flower Elixir


Spring Water
Organic Brandy
Crystals & Colour Vibrations

Flower Essences

Star Tulip – Sensitive & receptive attunement; serene inner listening to others & guidance from higher realms. A ‘listening’ remedy. Enhances dreaming, prayer, meditation & all intuitive capacities. Opens & ’softens’ emotional life, enabling individual to recognise & retrieve important information about the inner healing process.

Holly – Feeling love & extending love to others; universal compassion, open heart. Restores the soul’s ability to feel unity & wholeness. Nourishes the heart, helping the individual to conceive the self as expansive & inclusive. In this way, the soul experiences wholeness or ‘holiness’ for it feels permeated with divine love & the sense of sacred unity.

Angelica – Feeling protection & guidance from spiritual beings, especially at threshold experiences. Quickens the perception processes. The soul becomes more able to perceive it’s connection to the spiritual world, particularly the Angels. The feeling of being protected gives the soul strength & courage for it’s work in healing the world.

Yarrow – Inner radiance & strength of aura, compassionate awareness, inclusive sensitivity, beneficent healing forces. Harmonises the process of spiritulization connected to the physical world & practical responsibilities. In this way, the light of the spirit is brought through the human soul right into the earth as a healing force.

Lotus – Open & expansive spirituality, meditative insight & synthesis. Balances the crown chakra. Acts as a spiritual elixir or harmoniser helping the soul to open itself to it’s inner divinity. Integrates spirituality in a balanced way with the other energy centres, especially the heart.