Water Flower Elixir


Water ~ Earth Light Elixir is a synergistic blend of 5 Flower Essences including ~
Willow, Mariposa Lily and Aloe Vera

It is supported by Colour, Sacred Geometry, Word Activation, and 5 carefully selected crystals.

The information from the plants and minerals in this remedy work together to create a unique imprint that help us to recognise and integrate our qualities and connection to Water.


~Spring Water and/or
Reduced Electrolysed Water
~Organic Brandy (preservative)
~5 Flower Essence Water Blend
~Crystal, Colour, Word and
Sacred Geometry Vibrations
~Lots of Love and Magic!

This remedy can be custom made for those with Alcohol intolerances. Please let me know.

Potential Effects ~

Feel – Creative activity balanced & centred in vital life energy. Helps the soul & body aspects come into greater harmony by bringing the nourishment, rejuvenation, renewal & flowing qualities of water. Balances fiery forces of will with fountain of feeling from heart so that a tremendous outpouring of positive creativity & spirituality can be realised.

Flow – Acceptance, forgiveness, taking responsibility for one’s life situation. Flowing with life. Helpful for letting go of negative emotions. Restores a more ‘spring-like’ disposition, helping the soul to respond with greater resilience to challenges. The self learns to gently & graciously flow with, rather than against life.

Courage – Flexibility, spontaneity & flowing receptivity; following the spirit rather than the letter of the law. Helps the soul to feel the living, pulsing currents of the emotions. Opens the soul to the plant realm of consciousness.

Nurture – Maternal consciousness, warm, feminine & nurturing. Healing of inner child. Helps heal souls connection to the mother/ feminine by experiencing the presence of the archetypal mother who embraces the entire human family with gentle mercy and nurturing.

Dare – Emotional openness & honesty; courage to take emotional risks with others. Gently opens the soul to take emotional risks. Effective for the heart by teaching that from remaining open & risking vulnerability one can experience the warmth of human love & affection.