Root and Rise Yoga


Ha-tha Yoga means Sun-Moon Unification. Yoga is balance of the masculine and feminine energies. The dance of strength and relaxation.

The path of yoga is a healing path. It is a spiritual practice through the vehicle of the body. An embodied prayer & meditation. Through the ancient yogic body & mind technologies we are able to free stagnant energy & pain in the physical, emotional & spiritual bodies. Yoga is life changing. It can help to transform challenging emotional & mental patterns, is grounding & gracefully connects us to our bodies ~ To the sacred temples where our essence lives. It helps to create space in our bodies & energetic systems so that we can live less in the mind & are more open to receive energy that is available to us for our expansion and growth.

Through unifying breath and movement we arrive in the Asanas (postures) In these beautiful shapes, with the breath as our ally, we create enhanced energy flow, circulation, strength & flexibility. Sensations naturally arise, at moments, these may be meditative stillness, or the energy moving may manifest as physical, emotional or mental experiences. Through the practice of presence, awareness & acceptance we discover the beauty of relaxing when we are at our edges. There is a softening into the strength. We learn to honour our limitations & be with what is present in the moment. We learn to listen & witness. Here is where the magic of yoga lies. With regular practice, these gifts of presence, awareness & acceptance ripple into daily life & assist us on our way home to peace.

What is Root and Rise Yoga?

Root & Rise Yoga is a form that connects us to our our Chakra system & the Nature Elements ~ helping us to balance, activate & utilise the powers that we have within. The Asanas, music, spoken suggestions & aromatherapy (optional) are mapped for a holistic experience. I will guide you in meditation & movement to assist our bodies & spirits in their unification process. Through the wisdoms of our nature may we come home to the truths of bliss & silence.

The practice is grounded in the Hatha Yoga form and is woven together with fluid movement to enhance the flow of Chi (life force energy) & bring flexibility & freedom to the spine. My yoga practice is influenced by free form dance, intuitive movement & Calligraphy Yoga ~ developed by Master Zhen Hua Yang, and is a fusion of Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga & Chinese Calligraphy. I am inspired to bring fluidity & awareness of energy into the practice to help us to move with authenticity, sensitivity & gentle power.

In the Asanas you will be encouraged to play with equal measures of strength & flexibility to build stability in the form. Sometimes, in yoga flexibility is relied upon to ‘get into’ the Asanas. This can be beautiful, but over time can create instability & possibly injury in the body. With no force or push, connecting body to breath, & energy to movement, the Asanas are explored in safe & nourishing ways. I will guide you clearly through the practice & offer adjustments & supportive touch (optional) when appropriate. Each class is a journey that I am honoured to be with you on.

What a sensual pleasure it was to relax & rejuvenate through intuitively guided movement. Nia offers the space for us to drop in deeper inside & to reconnect to our own unique rhythm in subtle energetic ways. I feel that the sound & aromatherapy during the practice helped the cells in my body to be able to recognise their true nature, cultivating ease & flow throughout my entire being. I left Nia’s class feeling deeply nourished & wide open
Lea Carolyne Beaudoin