1. Mehndi Bracelet
    Mehndi Bracelet
  2. Leaf Mandala
    Leaf Mandala
  3. Mandala Cover Up
    Mandala Cover Up
  4. Goddess Ascention Mandala
    Goddess Ascention Mandala
  5. New Zealand Fern
    New Zealand Fern
  6. Leaf Mandala
    Leaf Mandala
  7. Nautilus Shell
    Nautilus Shell
  8. Nautilus Shell
    Nautilus Shell
  9. 7 Fold Labyrinth
    7 Fold Labyrinth
  10. Purple Trance Mandala
    Purple Trance Mandala
  11. Sweet Heart Chakra Jelly Fish
    Sweet Heart Chakra Jelly Fish
  12. Sri Yantra Lotus
    Sri Yantra Lotus
  13. AnamCara Celtic Seed
    AnamCara Celtic Seed
  14. Seed Mandala
    Seed Mandala
  15. Merkaba Mandala
    Merkaba Mandala

Each tattoo is created as a sacred ritual and is custom designed for you to support your healing journey.

Sacred geometry, mandalas, symbolism and nature elements  become one with the beauty of the skin.

Adorning, reminding, healing and activating your intention and soul expression.

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