Root and Rise Yoga

Childrens Yoga

Yoga Aroma Massage

This unique yoga practice is grounded in the Hatha Yoga form and is woven together with fluid movements to enhance the flow of Chi (life force energy) and to bring flexibility and freedom to the spine.

Influenced by free form dance, intuitive movement and Calligraphy Yoga which is a fusion of Tai Chi, Qigong, traditional Indian Yogas and the flowing shapes in Chinese Calligraphy.

With a strong focus on embodiment, nurture through movement and awareness of energy to help us to move with authenticity, sensitivity & gentle power. Elements of Yin Yoga, breath practices and guided meditation all support and enrich the practice.

Fridays 6.30-8.00pm
Stroud Yoga Space
£77 - 7 Class Pass
£13 - Drop In
Yoga and mindfullness that is fun for kids!

In each class a story is told through yoga poses which engages the imagination and teaches an important life lesson. Other fun and games are also explored including partner yoga, movement games, rhythm sound and mindfullness.

8 Benefits of Children's Yoga -
• Grows Confidence
• Promotes Inclusivitey
• Improves Concentration
• Teaches Through Stories
• Promotes a Healthy Body
• Introduces Kids to Mindfulness
• Improves Coordination & Balance
• Helps Kids Manage Stress Through Breathing

Tailor made classes for groups                              of up to 6 children.
1 hour - £60
Enjoy a nourishing one to one session combining yoga, massage and aromatherapy.

Following an in depth consultation Nia will select music and sound frequencies for your session that specifically support your needs.

You will be annointed with organic essential oils,  guided in relaxing and empowering meditations and supported through a nourishing yoga practice including hands on support.

In some of the more relaxing postures you will receive gentle massage to release muscular and energetic tension and the session will end with a deep relaxation with massage.

1 hour 15mins - £75
1 hour 45mins - £100
2 hours 15mins - £125
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